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piratebanana's Journal

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25th April 2010

10:59pm: Avast!
Pirate Banana, Episode 1: Unswabable, is now available for your listening pleasure at PirateBanana.com

29th November 2009

1:09pm: Chicken Noodle Pants
My spoken word comedy CD...

Is now available on iTunes!

10th September 2009

6:54pm: Next Show, and something new.
I will be featuring at the Youth Poetry Slam next Wednesday, September 16th,

at: The Central
603 Markham St, Toronto
7:00 - 10:00


Also: I have written a short comic, entitled Chateau Du G'yargh'thraxx, which has been illustrated by William Brian MacLean and is available in a new anthology from Rooster Tree ComicLit, CCCCP: Creative Community Collected Comics Pages

Click on the cover to check it out...

4th May 2009

10:12pm: Next Show
I'll be performing at the final night of the Renaissance Cafe this Saturday, May 9th, right after High Heels Lo Fi.

3rd February 2009

10:42pm: Horshack's Journal. October 12th, 1985.

"Sweathogs in alley this morning, crib notes on Vinnie's stomach.

Epstein is afraid of me. I have seen his true face.

The accumulated filth of all their lame jokes and cheating on tests will foam up about their waists and all the sweathogs and Mister Kotter will look up and shout 'Save us!'

And I'll look down, and whisper 'Up your nose with a rubber hose.'"

31st December 2008

11:20am: Next Show
I will be performing at Jeff Cottrill's Release Party for his new CD, "Clown With A Coat Hanger".

Also appearing: blueVenus, Andrea Thompson and Shawn Sage,

If you still haven't picked up your copy of "Shaolin Rock Star", this would be a good time to do it.

Friday, January 9th, 2009
At the Renaissance Cafe
1938 Danforth Ave, (Just West of Woodbine subway)
Toronto, ON

11th December 2008

6:09pm: Shelf Awareness is the Key
I just got a spam titled "Proud shelves, Carol?"

That's just kind of awesome.

28th October 2008


30th September 2008

11:58am: BOOK LAUNCH
That's right, I've written a book...

Cover design by W. B. MacLean

Fifteen-Year-Old Roy Thomson-Hall wants to be a guitarist but, thanks to a dead fly, accidentally signs up for martial arts lessons.

He and his band soon find themselves defending his master's dojo against Jack Von Prickington, owner of the evil dojo across town, singer for a tribute band, and general, all-around douchebag.

Can Roy win the battle of the bands, save the dojo, impress the girl, and convince his mom he's not gay, all without getting a detention? There's only one way to find out.


All this and more can found inside...

Friday, November 14th, 2008
At the Renaissance Cafe
1928 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON
8pm, Ages 19+

13th June 2008

2:39pm: Burning Effigy Launch Party
I will be reading at the Burning Effigy Press Launch this weekend...

Burning Effigy Press is launching two new chapbooks: Nothing to Lose, a collection of short stories by Steve Vernon, and Poems for Addiction, Sex and Sanity, the first collection of poetry by Kate Leadbeater.

The official launch will include a feature reading by Leadbeater; host Monica S. Kuebler reading from Vernon's book; and additional readings by past/future BE authors including Gemma Files, Cynthia Gould, Jeff Cottrill, Timothy Carter, Violet Fodor, Adebe D.A., Dale Percy and, most important of all... ME!

When and where? I'm glad you asked!

Sunday, June 15, 7:30 p.m.
The Savannah Room, 294 College Street
No cover

2nd August 2007

5:09pm: My mom as seen from space...

That's my mom doing the gardening. Yes, for real. How awesome is that?

19th April 2007


14th February 2007

Thursday February 22
Dimentia 5
Deliciously warped performance series - now every last Thursday.

This month: spoken word by Cynthia Gould & Mike Bryant plus video mashups and assorted unexpecteds.
Indie film: Oscar winner Ryan
Guaranteed after-party.
Dominion (500 Queen E @ Sumach)
8pm :: $5

29th September 2006

5:18pm: Upcoming Appearances
Thursday, October 05, 2006
Konditor Kaffeehaus
1856 Queen St. East,
Coffeehouse.ca's reading series Poetic Justice hosted by Nik Beat presents featured performances
by Michael Bryant and cyn
no cover, everyone welcome and open mic.
one block West of Woodbine in The Beaches.

Saturday, October 14th
I will be performing at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word
As part of the Nerd Poetry Jam
At the Victory Cafe
581 Markham St (Upstairs)
at 3pm

1st August 2006

5:03pm: BIZMAR!
Bunnies! Insects! Zombies! Monkeys! Aliens! Robots! Oh my!

For those of you who don't know about it, BIZMAR is an anthology from Young American Comics in which various artists contribute 2 - 4 pages worth of comicy goodness which must include all of the above characters.

Check out Page 62 for a comic written by me and drawn by bassringer.


18th July 2006

4:15pm: Upcoming Show
I will be the local act for the July 2006 Toronto edition of The Perpetual Motion Roadshow.

This month's Roadshow features:
expat femme wordsmith Hadassah Hill, from NYC
Sorry-ass folk singer Cort Bulloch, from Calgary
And Secret rap legend Jesse Dangerously, from Halifax
And takes place on Saturday, July 22nd, 8pm, in the Art Bar in the Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen St W.

20th June 2006

3:41pm: Pedestrian Sunday
Hey, kids.

I and a bunch of other people will be reading this Sunday outside of UPrising Bookstore in Kensington market (168 Baldwin), between 1 and 3pm.

When I say "reading", I mean out loud. I know it's a bookstore an' all, but I'm not going to post about my plans to just sit there and read. That would be a world gone topsy-turvy!

So come on out and hear the now world-famous "Knitta Please" in person.

28th March 2006

12:47pm: 100 Downloads
Knitta, Please has just had it's 100th download, and it's only been on Coffeehouse for about 24 hours. I'm pretty pleased about that.

Thanks to everybody who's listened to it.

27th March 2006

3:11pm: BIZMAR!
Bunnies and Insects and Zombies and Monkeys and Aliens and Robots, OH MY!

So BIZMAR is this contest by Young American Comics in which one submits a 2-page comic that includes one each of the above characters.

Well, bassringer and I submitted a comic to this year's BIZMAR, and guess what? We got accepted! w00t!

Expect it to be published "some time this summer".

I'll post more details as I get them.

26th March 2006

7:36pm: Chicken Noodle Pants!
Thanks to everybody who came out for my CD Release Party last night. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

You can take a listen to a new track from it at my Coffeehouse page.

You can also hear it this Tuesday at 11pm on HOWL on CIUT 89.5FM.
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